I work with hundreds of amazing jewelry designers and manufacturers both in the US and overseas, who produce some beautiful, quality pieces. But as jewelry is delicate, it is important that it is looked after carefully.

Please note, Elegant Flair does not sell solid gold items. Elegant Flair is not responsible for wear and tear in the course of normal use. Some designers will plate with a heavier thickness than others and so it may last longer, but please be aware that plating will eventually wear down over time, depending on use etc. Our vintage non-plated brass items are polished and sealed by hand with ProtectaClear to protect the metal from tarnish. Jewelry is precious and you are responsible for its care. Protect it from chemicals (hair spray, perfume, nail polish remover, chlorine, detergents, lotions etc.) direct sunlight and objects that may damage or cause scratches or dents. Jewelery that is plated or with certain finishes applied may age or wear back over time. Clean items with a soft cloth or mild jewelry cleanser.