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Elegant Flair

Josie China Charm Necklace

Josie China Charm Necklace

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Experience the unique charm of our exclusive, one-of-a-kind broken china plate charm necklaces. This timeless piece combines classic elegance and a modern flair with its long-lasting, 18k gold-plated brass chain and charms, french blue ceramic charm, and its pink-toned genuine pearl charms. The Josie necklace stands out due to its unique speckled pink antique china plate charm, only 2 of its kind. 

  • 18k Gold-plated Brass Chain (6-8mm) 
  • 18k Gold-plated Brass Charms 
  • Baby Pink Handmade Antique Broken Chinaware Charm
  • French Blue Round Ceramic Charm

Length: 16.5"

Extender Length: 1.5"

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