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Elegant Flair

Arden China Charm Necklace

Arden China Charm Necklace

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Experience the unique charm of our exclusive, one-of-a-kind broken china plate charm necklaces. This timeless piece combines classic elegance and a modern flair with its statement heart locket, long-lasting, 18k gold-plated brass chain and charms, vintage glass charms, and unique cloisonne charms. The Arden necklace stands out due to its distinct antique red china plate charm, each individually crafted by hand. 

  • 18k Gold-plated Brass Chain (6-8mm) 
  • 18k Gold-plated Brass Heart Locket and charms 
  • Red and Gold Handmade Antique Broken Chinaware Charm
  • Cloisonne Charms

Length: 16.5"

Extender Length: 1.75"

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